Obama chooses containment

There is no shortage of articles like this recent one expressing amazement at the leaked secret rider to the Iran nuclear deal that lets Iran operate advanced centrifuges in just ten years instead of the officially announced fifteen. But what is behind those two numbers?  Did the shortened period simply sugar-coat the deal for Iran, or is something much more fundamental going on here? It is useful to recall the two tenets of Obama's approach to Iran as he came into the Oval Office.  Firstly, as part of his general outreach to the Moslem world, Iran was to be brought out of the cold of international isolation – no more talk of "regime change."  When mass protests against the regime erupted in Tehran, Obama was silent, prompting the protesters to demand an answer to "are you with us, or with ayatollahs?"  Obama's silence gave the answer: he was with the ayatollahs. And secondly, there was a question of...(Read Full Post)