Scarborough drops a bomb

Joe Scarborough recently broke a story about Donald Trump requesting information on the use of nuclear weapons.  Many people (see here and here) are finding this a scary scenario, as if Trump were now thought to be running for office solely to get access to the nuclear launch codes.

I don't doubt that Scarborough would like to destroy Trump’s campaign, but this weapon is a dud.

If you think about it logically, you should find it rather reassuring that Trump would ask about the rules for the usage of such things.  It isn't likely that they covered this at Wharton School of Business.  I'd be surprised if they covered it at the military school he attended.  Or do you imagine there were tiny nukes that they handed out to the students to practice with?

I personally am reassured that Donald Trump doesn't think he knows everything.  He's actually willing to ask questions instead of thinking he's smarter than everybody else in the room.  We've already had a president like that.  We've seen how that turned out.

So I'm not afraid of Donald Trump getting close to the launch codes.  After all, nuclear weapons are supposed to be a deterrent.  If someone shows no interest in them whatsoever, how much of a deterrent will they be?  Are you afraid that Donald Trump will use our nuclear bombs?  I can only hope that Vladimir Putin and his ilk are as well.  They know that Obama and Clinton wouldn't use them even in a retaliatory strike, and our enemies don't fear big red buttons labeled "overcharge."

Besides, Trump is more likely to "shoot from the lip."  That's less a WMD and more a weapon of mass embarrassment.  The world won't even have to suffer through another apology tour, because Trump doesn't do apologies.

Trump owes it to us all to learn everything he can about the position he's applying for, to convince us he's serious about being the best.  Otherwise, four years from now, we'll vote for someone else.  So be impressed, not afraid.  He shows signs of "getting it" where being president is concerned.