Shooting through the glass ceiling

Yes, this has been a summer of American female firsts and no, I don't mean that phony victory of Hillary Rodham, and most recently added, Clinton, who became the first woman nominated for the U.S. presidency by a major political party because of you-know-who.  

I mean real firsts by real women the first USA Gold Medal.  And it went to an American female adolescent with a...gun.  This teenager is more mature, more insightful than that other female firster and her enablers.

U.S. Olympic Team ‏@TeamUSA  Aug 6
Ginny Thrasher- first gold medalist of 2016!! #ginnythrasher
U.S. Olympic Team ‏@TeamUSA  Aug 6

USA Shooting  

GOLDEN GINNY! 's first medal. 's first!

"Thrasher, whose final score of 208.0 set an Olympic record, (bold added) spoke out about how the gun-control debate has put a strain on her sport: “Some of the controversial gun laws in America are just distracting from our sport, which is very different. I try to focus on the competition.” "

Check out her twitter page for more info and also the USA Olympic Shooting Team's twitter page for other great insights into the team including Corey Cogdell who won a bronze in trap shooting. Cogdell's husband, who plays for the Chicago Bears football team, couldn't join her because he couldn't miss practice and needed to prepare for a game.  

But these are strong women who win on their own not on their husband's name, money, contacts or by putting down other women -- or men -- unlike... well, you know who.