If Obama cancels the presidential election, who will stop him?

Many of you have heard the conspiracy theory that Black Lives Matter and other paid thug protest groups will cause so much chaos in the streets that Obama will use it as an excuse to cancel the presidential election and remain president.  I do not think that will happen.

However, I asked my wife Mary a rhetorical question: "If Obama did cancel the election, who would stop him?"  Folks, the terrifying answer which we all know is "no one."  For eight years, even after we gave Republicans control of the House and Senate, the GOP has allowed Obama to break the law and ignore the Constitution at will.  Congress has ignored their power of the purse and funded everything Obama has decreed.  Senate majority leader Republican Mitch McConnell said that no matter what Obama does, impeachment is off the table.

In essence, McConnell gave Obama the green light to further his vowed fundamental transformation of America – to implement his socialist, progressive, and anti-American agenda without having to fear any serious push-back from Republicans.  A judge deemed Obama's executive amnesty illegal and ordered him to stop it.  Obama, in essence, gave the judge the finger and continues to illegally flood our country with thousands of illegals.

The latest incident of Obama being allowed to routinely function outside the law is money-laundering, illegally paying a ransom for hostages.  While talking heads on TV expressed outrage over Obama's latest blatant illegal behavior, I yelled at my TV.  "So what?  Who is going to stop him – to hold Obama accountable?"  As always over the past eight years, the answer is "no one."

This is why it is such a joke hearing clueless fellow blacks telling me that white racist Republicans have fought the first black president relentlessly at every turn.  The complete opposite is true.  Obama has been allowed to act like America's first king solely because he is black.

This brings me to conservatives who send me emails daily about Trump's shortcomings.  Don't these people realize that Hillary's presidency will be a replay of Obama's on steroids?  Even now, before Hillary is elected, the media and Democrats have attempted to brand everyone who has opposed Hillary, from Bernie Sanders to Trump and everyone in between, as sexists.

If elected, Hillary will be America's first queen.  Like Obama, Hillary will have the majority of media, the Democratic Party and Hollywood covering her back.  They will make life pure hell for anyone daring to oppose Hillary illegally implementing her socialist/progressive agenda, furthering Obama's fundamental transformation.  Even now, the left has begun criminalizing our constitutional rights, throwing people in jail for disagreeing with government.

The punishment for opposing Hillary in any way will be a cyber-space lynching after being stripped naked and flogged within an inch of one's political life.  Then the left will hang your battered carcass in the public square of social media to warn other peasants.  If the left's repeal of our freedoms goes as planned, they will ultimately throw your derriere in prison for speaking against or disobeying Queen Hillary.

Americans have repeatedly been forced to view the horror movie Everyone Opposing Obama is Racist.  Why would any conservative sponsor its sequel, Everyone Opposing Hillary is Sexist?  The dirty little secret is, there are conservatives who, while proclaiming "Never Hillary," secretly hope she will win.  Pardon my poor English, but that just ain't right.  It is, dare I say, deceitful and even a betrayal.

This has me scratching my head.  Some anti-Trumpers say Trump has less than conservative views on key issues.  Therefore, they fear he will not defend conservatism in office.  Meanwhile, these anti-Trump conservatives know that Hillary vehemently opposes conservatism.  They know she will fight conservatism with ten times the intensity and with the full power of the federal government and support from the mainstream media.

And yet there are conservatives who quote scripture about how awful Trump is and secretly hope Hillary, the woman seated firmly on the side of those who seek to ban the Bible, wins.  That is nuts.  Somebody please explain to me what I am missing.

Folks, I am doing everything in my power, as God gives me strength, to put Trump in and keep Wicked Queen Hillary out of the White House.

Remember the exciting early days of the Tea Party movement?  Well, we are getting the old band back together again.  I am extremely excited and proud to be a founding member of Tea Party for Trump.

Coming soon: The official launch of Tea Party for Trump. (teapartyfortump.org)

On a date to be announced, there will be Tea Party for Trump rallies across America.  The rallies are not just rah-rah sessions.  Their purpose is to unify and fire up patriots to participate in our super-intense get-out-the-vote campaign.

Meanwhile, tell your family and friends that it is time to jump aboard the Trump Train.

Please enjoy my Trump Train music video.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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