What really happened at Comey's press conference?

What really happened at FBI director James Comey's press conference this week?  After giving a textbook case of why Hillary Clinton should be charged, he surprised everyone by saying she should not. Did he simply blow it?  Did he wimp out, knowing the wrath he would face?  Unquestionably, Hillary committed offenses for which the average Joe would be arrested.  Was he blackmailed or bought off?  Was he politically motivated? There's truth somewhere in or around those guesses.  Hillary, as Comey's testimony of what she did exposed, certainly deserved to be prosecuted.  Others have been put in jail for much less, including an innocent video maker she blamed for Benghazi.  But with no answers from Comey as to why he did it, I'm reminded of the Vietnam War performance of Jeremiah Denton, a U.S. prisoner of war (POW) hauled in the war's early stages before cameras by North Vietnamese captors to attest to U.S. "war...(Read Full Post)