Remember the one about fighting them over there?

Once upon a time, many in the left mocked President Bush for saying that we were fighting them over there so we wouldn't have to fight them here.  President Bush's idea was that we should go and kill rats rather than wait until they come inside our homes.

Frankly, President Bush's idea looks rather interesting after Paris, San Bernardino, Orlando, and Nice.  God only knows what's next, but something probably is!

Under President Obama, we have have done everything to prove that the Bush-Cheney approach was wrong.  We are desperatly trying to close Gitmo and putting bad people back on the battlefield.  We left Iraq irresponsibly and provided the vacuum for ISIS to form, flourish, and attack us around the world.  Not surprisingly, it is now the Obama approach that has few, if any, success stories.   

James Jay Carafano nailed it with his analysis of Nice and our approach to fighting terrorists: 

We all found ways to distract ourselves, delude ourselves, convince ourselves that there were more pressing challenges—challenges that just happened to be more familiar, less complicated and more comfortable. 

After Orlando, for example, it was far easier for the U.S. president to pivot to a pet issue like gun control and hate crimes than battling terrorism.

The free world is long past wake-up calls, red flags, game changers, and new threats. 

The West is in the middle of a war it doesn't want. And the longer the West watches while the global Islamist insurgency surges on, the more terrorism shifts from an inconceivable, unacceptable horror to the banality of evil.

To not fight a just war against Islamist transnational terrorism is to allow evil to chip away at the sanctity of humanity.

Now the Obama administration will hold a summit of foreign ministers in Washington to discuss battling ISIS. It’s awfully late in the game for that, but this is an administration that has tried to win a war by ignoring it.

That’s not how war works. Whether the blood is running on the streets of Nice or in a club in Orlando, this is war. 

It’s aimed at us. And we must fight back.    

Ten years ago, we had them hiding in caves and running all over Iraq.  They didn't have the time to go to Europe and get on the internet and find recruits.  Today, they are blowing up concert halls, government offices, discos, and now a resort.    

It may be time for President Obama, the same one who ended wars, to admit that there was something about that Bush theory of killing the rats before they reach your kids' bedroom.

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