Britain closes down global warming bureaucracy

The almost unthinkable has happened.  In a clear sign that the global warming fraud has peaked and is on the decline, an actual government agency has been abolished because it was dedicated to global warming.  Andrew Follett of the Daily Caller writes:

Britain’s new government abolished its Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Thursday morning, ridding the country of its global warming bureaucracy.

Officials stated that the DECC has been abolished and U.K.’s environmental policy is will be transferred to a new ministry called the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Some former DECC’s functions will be outright abolished, while others will be handed back to the new ministry.

Follett provides good background on the failures of green energy policy in Britain that have led to this rejection of the mission of the agency.  

The backlash against British wind power occurred when the country’s  government was already forced to take emergency measures to keep the lights on and official government analysis suggests the country could have insufficient electricity on a windless or cloudy days to meet demand. Brownouts and blackouts caused by wind and solar power have already impacted the U.K. (snip)

 Government green energy taxes currently account for seven percent of the average household’s energy bill, according to the UK’s Office of Gas and Electricity Markets. (snip)

Polling indicates that energy prices were so high that 38 percent of British households have cut back essential purchases, like food, to pay their energy bills. Another 59 percent of homes were worried about how they are going to pay energy bills.

Governments needing to cut expenditures can find ample pickings in green energy subsidies and global warming bureaucracies.

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