If the 33K emails still exist: the scenarios

If the 33,000 emails that Hillary deleted off her server were hacked and still exist, what could be the consequences?  Forensically scrubbing the hard drive is a few steps beyond a simple deleting.  The “yoga” emails must have been quite personal, and perhaps from the look of things, revealing a complete personal failure.  Or perhaps the substance of the emails is damning.  If the emails still exist, what would be the most damaging scenario for Hillary, for the country? A release just prior to the election If Wikileaks or another entity comes forth and releases tranches of thought to be deleted emails just prior to the presidential election, it could scuttle Hillary’s election.  But would that serve to produce the desired effect? That desire would certainly be subject to the entity controlling the release.  If the goal would be to prevent Hillary from being president, the timing would fit.  But if the objective is deeper,...(Read Full Post)