Fighting ISIS: Corsican independence group doing what Hollande refuses to do

Leave it to a militant group to cut through all the politically correct garbage and go right to the heart of the matter when it comes to fighting ISIS.  Euronews reports that a splinter group of the Corsican National Liberation Front has stepped forward to counter the threat.

The so-called Islamic State is being warned there will be reprisals, if it targets the Mediterranean island of Corsica.  The October 22 group is calling on Muslims to demonstrate at their sides against radical Islam.  It comes after mounting tensions on the island. A Muslim prayer hall was burned in April, just months after anti-Arab protests erupted.  ISIL has prioritised targeting France, which has been bombing the group’s bases in Iraq and Syria as part of an international coalition.

The Corsica National Liberation Front has been active since the '70s, demanding independence for the French-administered island.  The group's tactics may be similar to Middle Eastern terror groups, with bombings, assaults, and extortion, though on a much smaller scale, and carried out against institutions and infrastructure rather than people.

A segment of the population on Corsica has also not been shy about violently opposing Muslims on the island.  Last year, rioters vandalized a Muslim prayer hall and burned copies of the Koran. 

Hundreds marched through poor areas of the capital Ajaccio on Saturday for a second straight day, shouting slogans such as “This is our home!” and “Arabs get out”.

Where this all ends is anyone's guess.  Yet the message to ISIS from the Corsica dissidents is clear: hands off the island.

John Smith is the pen name of a former U.S. intelligence officer.