Corrected polls show Trump had large lead over Clinton just before Lewandowski was fired

In contrast to the "pants on fire" claims by liberal and faux conservative journalists, there hasn't been a single poll in recent weeks before the firing of Corey Lewandowski that, once corrected for known bias, shows anything other than a Trump-Clinton tie, or even a Trump lead. Polling data last week were staged by the uni-party so the GOPe could use the data as leverage to take control – at least partially – of Trump's campaign. This required the apparent use – if we believe the "sourced" rumor mill – of bad polling data to justify Corey Lewandowski's unceremonious firing.  This was a campaign coup d'état on trumped up charges – nothing more, nothing less. More evidence of the actual position Trump's campaign was in as of Monday comes from two new polls. The Reuters Polling Explorer five-day rolling average on Monday showed, prior to correction, that Trump was behind Clinton by 9.7%, 41.0% to...(Read Full Post)