No, Mr. President: You are not who we are

Using the royal “we”, the president indicates his displeasure with the U.S. for failing to live up to his vision of how “we” should be with the phrase, “That is not who we are.”  No, Mr. President.  It is not so much that that is not who we are as that you are not who we are.


It was 2007 and the Democratic candidates all had their hands over their hearts while the "National Anthem" was being played but not Obama.  That should have told the whole story then and there.  But that was unthinkable just a glitch for a man of superior intellect and vision preoccupied with bringing the U.S. up to speed with the real issues facing the world from climate change to economic justice for all where “all” means all the nations and peoples of the world.  For Obama the U.S. presidency is a platform for his world leadership and by now it should be apparent to all that, if anything, Obama pledges allegiance to the U.N. and his job is to bring the U.S. into line with the U.N. world perspective.  His apology tours reveal that he sees provincial U.S. nationalism as an embarrassment to his position as a world leader and statesman.  The president is a world statesman and if that means sacrificing shortsighted U.S. interests, so be it.  For Obama, his stature as a world leader is more important than merely being president of the U.S. and being concerned with narrow U.S. interests.  No, Mr. President.  Most Americans want a president who will put America’s interests first.

Obama doesn't really see himself as President of the United States, but more as a ruler over the world. He sees himself above it all, trying to orchestrate & coordinate various countries and their agendas. – Charles Krauthammer


There is a difference between open opportunity for both sexes and peddling feminization of males and masculinization of females giving dolls to little boys and hammers to little girls.  Trying to obliterate differences between male sexuality and female sexuality the “pajama boy” initiative seems to be the under-the-table initiative that our suave, epicene president is subtly pushing in K-12.  In our own best interest, of course.  No, Mr. President, most Americans don’t see twisting sexuality as being a healthy way to raise their children.


When it comes to Islam, our president shows all the characteristics of the “battered wife” syndrome.  No matter how badly treated by her husband, the battered wife knows that he really loves her  that the brutish behavior of her husband is not really him.  No, Mr. President most Americans try to be realists despite the feigned dismay displayed by Muslim leaders regarding terror committed in the name of Allah.  They see the reports and pictures of the Muslim faithful railing against the West.  They see the devastation wreaked by suicide numbers.  They learn that striving for world domination is the ultimate duty of all Muslims.  They see what is going on instead of falling for word magic and wishful thinking.  If the president doesn’t conjoin the words “Islam” and “terror,” it will not exist?  And conversely, if he does, then poof – it will come to be?  No, Mr. President.  Most Americans don’t believe in your voodoo (Islamic) terrorist security policy. 


Most Americans know when enough is enough.  Using the U.S. as the safety valve for the failed social policies of any country in the world only delays reform of the oppressive misguided regimes that have brought their countries to disaster.  From Cuba to Venezuela, using the U.S. to export their disaffected population only perpetuates the regimes in question.  Moreover, despite clever Pew research that chops up the question of cutting back on immigration into so many subquestions that there seems no consensus, most Americans believe that the age of immigration is over.  What once was a good thing has inflicted immense harm on the middle class and the black population in particular.  Civilization no longer requires population density, and the entire world is already overpopulated something the greenheads and climate alarmists disingenuously refuse to confront.  No, Mr. President.  Most Americans do not believe in open borders or favoring Muslim immigration.

A recent poll shows that a plurality of Americans see Obama as the worst president since WWII.  Hopefully, the next president will get it right.  No, Mr. president, contrary to your world statesman narcissistic fantasy, most Americans believe that what is good for the U.S. is good for the world.