Why didn't President Obama and Democrat majorities pass gun control laws?

For some time, I have argued that the Democrats are not serious about immigration reform, climate change, or now gun control.

Why do I say that?  Because they never act on those proposals when they have the votes to do so.

Why didn't President Obama propose a gun control act when he had 60 votes in the U.S. Senate in 2009-10?   

The U.S. Senate is now talking gun control again.  We hear that the U.S. Senate is dysfunctional because it won't come together to pass gun control.  Dysfunctional?  How about rational?  Why should we pass laws for the sake of passing laws that won't prevent shootings like the one in Orlando?   

We should slow down a bit and consider our constitutional rights, as David B. Rivkin, Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman wrote:

Those agitating for firearms restrictions now should understand that the precedent they set is a dangerous one that extends far beyond the realm of the Second Amendment. 

If the government’s say-so is sufficient to block a gun sale — thereby abridging a right enumerated in the Constitution, with little or no ability for redress — what right wouldn’t be at risk of arbitrary deprivation, particularly among the powerless?

In other words, we should focus on killing terrorists over there and leave law-abiding citizens alone.  These proposals will not stop a single future shooting or terrorist attack.  They won't stop them for one simple reason: criminals or terrorists do not obey laws.  Just check out the crime wave in Chicago.

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