Yogi Berra was one of a kind

As a little boy, I remember my dad talking baseball with friends over dominos, cigars, and Cuban coffee.   Most Cubans were Senators fans because of Camilo Pascual and Pedro Ramos, two of the best Latino pitchers ever.  They pitched for bad Washington teams until they moved to Minnesota and started winning.  Unfortunately, Pascual and Ramos did not enjoy pitching for those Twins teams that featured fellow Cubans Tony Oliva and Zoilo Versalles, a young Rod Carew, and Harmon Killebrew in his prime. My dad and friends were huge admirers of the Yankees, the top sports team of the time.  I remember my dad telling stories of the Dodgers-Yankees rivalry and those World Series that he followed on radio, and then on TV.  Yogi Berra was one of those players that they talked about.  Like a lot of kids of my generation, we got to know the post-baseball Yogi Berra.  We remember him on Johnny Carson or other baseball events. ...(Read Full Post)