Chicago TV station uses Nazi badge to recognize Yom Kippur

Chicago television station WGN, a cable TV “superstation” seen nationwide, used a Nazi badge that Jews were required to wear in the course of commemorating Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, to its viewers on a newscast.  Evidently someone in the graphics department was told to find a Star of David, the symbol of Judaism, and nobody in the station recognized that the image chosen was used to persecute Jews in Germany and other Nazi-occupied countries.

Others were not so clueless:


The station apologized on Twitter and on-air:

Nobody is accusing the station of anti-Semitism, but appalling ignorance is now standard in much of the media.  “Never forget” the Holocaust lasted for approximately half a century, to replaced by a haze of fog, at best, and active efforts to deny that it ever happened from Iran to some on the left.  Evidently, they are winning.

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