Clueless Carly

Sufficient unto each day is the disillusionment thereof.

Having grown personally bloodthirsty at the potential prospect of Carly Fiorina trashing Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential debates, Ronald Reagan's one-time government operations manager has now trashed Fiorina herself, and crushed much of my own feral myopia as well, with this one article on his website.

Fiorina's bellicosity had, in fact, already given me serious pause, I'd been having real doubts about the truth of her corporate career, and I had little useful notion of her baseline political philosophy.

David Stockman clarified some of that for me this morning.

Fiorina's militarism may be largely misplaced, she apparently trashed two giant corporations and walked away with maybe $100 million for the privilege, she's more or less another crony capitalist, and I still have little reliable notion of  her baseline political philosophy.

That’s not to say Stockman hasn’t had a few controversies of his own, but his political heart has always been in the right place, and he’s nothing if not knowledgeable.

So that leaves me with only one verity: whether or not Fiorina is (as Stockman suggests) merely a flash-card memory savant, she'd still eat Hillary Clinton alive were the two of them ever to occupy the same presidential-debate stage. Fiorina is, if nothing else, a formidable debater.

Considering the horrific prospect of the Hildebeast in the White House, Fiorina’s ability to send Clinton off the debate stage strapped to a gurney might alone be enough to warrant supporting Fiorina.  Moreover, Fiorina’s political heart at least seems in the right place concerning federalism, education, and Obamacare, although she’s wishy-washy about illegal aliens, climate change, and same-sex marriage.

But what the nation essentially needs now is a president who can lead the country back into some semblance of constitutional integrity; limit the size, scope, and cost (both financially and socially) of government; increase national economic productivity; restore a social ethos of personal virtue and responsibility; and chase the professional class of political weasels the hell out of our Republic's chicken house.

Where is he?

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