The Ruination of Baltimore

My friend wrote: “Lloyd, The American Legion National Convention is scheduled for late August through early September, 2015 in Baltimore City. Sad to say, I have canceled my reservations as I do not think the Convention is worth the risk to my life as I was very much looking forward to the Convention. Many others of American Legion are canceling due to high risk of being shot and/or killed. I would very much appreciate your thoughts as you grew up there. No doubt, is a terrible shame to see a great City, Baltimore, go down due to liberal Democrats being in charge for the past 4 decades Keep the Faith, Brother” My reply: “Hey Brother, You are wise for staying away from sin city (Baltimore). Baltimore police are reluctant to do their job for fear of being arrested. Clearly, the mayor is allowing the inmates to run the asylum. The only thing the vile local Democrat government cares about is protecting their liberal narrative. Baltimore's...(Read Full Post)