Even Amnesty International, no lover of Israel, condemns Hamas

Amnesty International, which has made many accusations against Israel, has finally accused Israel's adversary Hamas of brutal war crimes inflicted against fellow Palestinians in the recent Gaza war (Hamas accused of summary executions). One can only wonder if those killed were counted toward the death tolls of Palestinians, in order to incriminate Israel in the war. In fact, an earlier AFP article stated, "A March report by Amnesty found that rockets fired during the war by Gaza militants killed more Palestinians than Israelis."

Most chilling about The Washington Post article was that six of the executed Palestinians "were paraded in front of a mosque in Gaza City after Friday prayers on Aug. 22, 2014. They were hooded and their hands bound behind them, and they were forced to their knees. As a crowd watched, an executioner fired a bullet into each man's head. Each man was then shot in the torso with an AK-47 assault rifle."

It is clear that this Hamas move was a deliberate form of intimidation. It sent the message that no Gazan should ever attempt to do or say anything anti-Hamas. When the Washington Post interviews Gazans, they should take this into account and at the very least include a disclaimer that Gazans are not free to speak, with death hanging over their every word.