Is Bernie Sanders trying to get to the left of the Clintons on rape?

Everyone thinks that Bernie Sanders’s decades old statement about women enjoying rape was just something that came out, that was beyond his control.  But I wonder if he purposely leaked it to the media. Bernie Sanders is running to the left of Hillary on practically every other issue, and so why not on rape as well?

You have to remember that the Democratic Party has a very strong pro-rape constituency that supports candidates who abuse women. That's why Democratic politicians like Teddy Kennedy regularly got reelected with overwhelming margins. But what many people don't understand is that he didn't win reelection despite repeated adultery and allowing his girlfriend to drown in the river, he won reelection in part because of his repeated adultery and allowing his current target to asphixiate. When Democrats talk of the "war on women" they are projecting; they are the ones waging this war. They are the ones who talk down to women, treating them like sex-crazed cattle, talking nonstop about sex and birth control and abortion.

When did a Democrat ever try to appeal to women based on economic issues (other than envy), or foreign policy? Never. That's why if a Democrat wants to be nominated, he or she needs to show the proper callousness towards women.

Hillary has formidable credentials on the subject. She has a husband who was accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick, was orally pleasured by Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, was accused by Paula Jones of exposing himself to her, was accused of groping Kathleen Willey in the Oval Office, and so on and so on. And not once did you ever hear Hillary say a word in public criticizing her husband. She acted like it never happened, or, alternatively, that if she knew it was happening but just didn't concern her.  Her brazen callousness to her woman-abusing husband gives her the perfect credentials to appeal to pro-rape Democrats. (There used to be a group of Democrats called "Blue Dog Democrats"; perhaps pro-rape Democrats could also be called "Black and Blue Dog Democrats".)

So if Bernie Sanders wants to top that, he has to work hard. That's why I wonder whether he leaked his old comments about rape. He's obviously pandering hard to the Democratic Party's rape constituency.

Exit question: Who do you think is more likely in the primary to get the Democratic rape vote, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

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