Spillage: The Progressive End Game.

There is no greater indication of the mindset and endgame of the Progressive Left than the clever and surgical removal of one the most significant safeguards from the corpus of the Affordable Care Act. Rewriting the ACA has been a sneaky little game from the onset.  Waivers here, delays there. Words deemed to mean one thing when the bill was voted upon take on new meanings (Roberts decision) yet there is no follow up vote on the fundamentally altered bill. Harry Reid tells us that it is "the law of the land".  Curious that it is so malleable in its scope and application.  As for the "law of the land", when did the non budget passing Senate and the sanctuary city proponents becomes so engrossed in law? But I digress... Little discussion surrounds the disappearance of one of the bright spots of legitimacy under which this leviathan bill passed through an apparently illiterate Congress. In very much the same fashion that the bill could not have passed...(Read Full Post)