ObamaCare blues: Why aren't they signing up?

The long awaited first week of ObamaCare registration is starting to look like the Cleveland Indians of 2013:  The team is playing but where are the fans?

ObamaCare is ready but how many are signing up?  Nobody knows and that's not good in many ways.

Do you seriously think that the Obama administration would be this silent if thousands were signing up?  Aren't these the same people who couldn't stop talking about the killing of Osama Bin Laden? 

Somebody did sign up, according to news reports.    He's become a bit of a national celebrity, especially to a media desperately looking for someone who successfully enrolled.

Here is the catch:  Chad is not a good example, unless you think that someone who is actively involved in OFA is typical of the many millions of young people who must sign up to pay for this program.

My question is this:  Where are the other "Chads" and "Chad-ettes" who were screaming "yes we can" at the sight of the candidate? 

Frankly, week 1 has been an embarrassment.  I don't think that this is what they expected when they said that there was a lot of pent-up demand for ObamaCare.

So good at getting people to vote....so bad at getting them to buy ObamaCare!

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