Spillage: The Progressive End Game.

There is no greater indication of the mindset and endgame of the Progressive Left than the clever and surgical removal of one the most significant safeguards from the corpus of the Affordable Care Act.

Rewriting the ACA has been a sneaky little game from the onset.  Waivers here, delays there. Words deemed to mean one thing when the bill was voted upon take on new meanings (Roberts decision) yet there is no follow up vote on the fundamentally altered bill.

Harry Reid tells us that it is "the law of the land".  Curious that it is so malleable in its scope and application.  As for the "law of the land", when did the non budget passing Senate and the sanctuary city proponents becomes so engrossed in law? But I digress...

Little discussion surrounds the disappearance of one of the bright spots of legitimacy under which this leviathan bill passed through an apparently illiterate Congress.

In very much the same fashion that the bill could not have passed Congress if it had contained the word "tax" rather than the word "penalty", the ACA could not have gained any traction or viability without alleged guaranteed safeguards such as "Income Verification" prior to subsidy qualification.

Income verification for subsidies has been eroded.  The federal government will take your word on this one or at best take a peek with one eye.  Now that's a first.

As noted in the article "Lying A Little On Income Yields Big Savings","...the ObamaCare exchanges will only investigate income disparities of more than 10% if income appears to be understated."

And..."....because the White House delayed employer reporting requirements for a year, the exchanges may be clueless as to whether a worker is offered affordable coverage on the job."

And what greater evidence, what more lucid and pronounced indication of the mission at hand do we have than this easing of verification?  A check on integrity is a good thing so why is it gone?

Income verification as a trigger for subsidies might have been an interagency problem in another arrangement.  However, with the Internal Revenue Service as the integral enforcement body, with the approval of the IRS being expanded to assist in the implementation of this law, and with these two conditions fundamental to the bill which was voted upon, when did seeking to verify incomes become a problem?  Where is the hurdle that cannot be vaulted?

An IRS agent with a lap top could cross check the IRS database with the Social Security number and discover immediately if indeed the person qualified for a subsidy.  After all, isn't this the primary reason (guise)  under which the IRS was folded into the mess?

Noticing that the verification of income and eligibility for subsidy was carved from the bill under the cloak of convenient sensational national headlines and scandals can lead to only one logical conclusion.

Obamacare is a conduit for the disbursement of money to sectors of the population deemed appropriate by those controlling the system.  This is none other than a wealth distribution scheme.  Federal spillage and waste all flowing in a desired direction.

So file this with the helicopter delivery system of Food Stamps (swipe cards) and the unverified and loose definition of "disabled" that triggers the flow of federal money.

It's okay to top off the tank.  In fact, we insist.

A community organizer shows people how to work the system.  A progressive leftist President works the system itself.  Fundamental transformation indeed.

Bruce Johnson

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