How can a person here illegally get a a driver's license?

Let me briefly say that I am a naturalized US citizen.  My family came here from Cuba when I was a boy.

What's next?  When will illegal immigrants have the right to vote?  Or serve in juries?  Or run for president?

Wonder why people are leaving California's insane politically correct zoo? 

The latest is offering driver's licenses to illegal immigrants as we read in news reports:

"The new California licenses will have special markings that show they aren't supposed to be used as identification for federal purposes, but they will allow illegal immigrants to drive legally and, advocates said, to own cars.   

Those advocates say allowing illegal immigrants to become licensed means better safety and lower insurance rates for all drivers, since those illegal immigrants who choose to go through the legal process will have to take a driver's test and follow the rules for obtaining insurance coverage."
Go through the legal process?   How can you go through the legal process when you are in the country illegally?   Are these people paying any penalties for being in the country illegally?  or proving that they've paid their state or federal taxes?  

Am I the only one a bit stunned by California's decision?  What message are we sending to people who have followed the law, and that includes immigration laws?

A driver's license is a legal document reserved for US citizens or those here legally.  It makes no sense to grant these licenses and mock the rule of law.

California is headed in the wrong direction.  When will it go so far crazy that it literally falls into the Pacific Ocean?

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