Removing one of the best incentives for good health

Thinking and responsible people wish to remain healthy for several reasons.  One of the main impetuses for being healthy is the avoidance of medical costs. It is expensive to be sick or in bad health. Fully understanding and recognizing that some illnesses are tragically unavoidable, these comments refer to those that are avoidable. Michelle Obama has taken on the imagery of promoting good eating and health habits, yet her husband's signature legislation will reverse many of her efforts tenfold. Obamacare promises to protect people from high medical costs. And, as mentioned, if these costs and their avoidance are a prominent reason for sustaining one's health, then those efforts will be reduced simply because the pecuniary penalties for bad health habits have been reduced. The government protects those who cannot, or in this case will not, protect themselves from themselves. And once again we have counterveiling efforts from those in federal power. Just as Bernanke...(Read Full Post)