Have you seen any red state Democrats defending ObamaCare

Senator Reid is doing a lot of speaking these days.  You see him with Senator Durbin, Senator Schumer, Senator Murray and others.  However, you don't see him with any Democrats running for reelection in competitive elections.

Perhaps, Democrats in Arkansas, North Carolina, Alaska and others, are in touch with their constituents. 

They may also be reading this from Merrill Matthews. He describes several problems with Obamacare.

1) "Impeded access to doctors = rationing health care.  The U.S. already has a shortage of doctors.  Recent studies indicate that within seven years that shortage could rise to 45,000 primary care physicians.  Fewer doctors means it will be harder to see one in a timely manner.  The Affordable Care Act will make that problem much worse by greatly increasing the demand for doctors.

Higher costs means fewer votes

Obama once claimed ObamaCare would drive down health insurance premiums; officials now claim that with the subsidies most people will be paying less.  Don't be too sure.


4) Personal info becomes public info. A lot of people, government officials as well as non-government employees, will have access to your health information, income and other valuable data.  They could snoop or they could share it with others, even if by mistake-just look at recent incidents by the IRS and National Security Agency.    We are likely to see a lot of security breaches-indeed, we already are.  Some will be intentional, some won't.  But there will be a lot of them."

2) Complexity = failure

ObamaCare is complex.  There are numerous rules about who qualifies for what subsidies and additional help.  The technology was supposed to handle much of the complexity, but we hear that many of the exchanges aren't yet ready for prime time. That complexity could frustrate a lot of people who may see it as a failure because they can't figure it out.

3) The drawbacks to clawbacks.  If you qualify for a subsidy based on your estimated 2014 income and then make more than you estimated, you will be required to pay back part of that subsidy at the end of the year.  And those who received too much subsidy may discover that problem during "open season" in 2014 when they begin considering their coverage for 2015.  That open season will start about three weeks before the November elections.  Those having to write the government a clawback check, which could easily be more than a thousand dollars, may want to engage in a little November clawback themselves.

There are lots of problems with this law and everyone knows it, specially red state Democrats!

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