Have you seen any red state Democrats defending ObamaCare

Senator Reid is doing a lot of speaking these days.  You see him with Senator Durbin, Senator Schumer, Senator Murray and others.  However, you don't see him with any Democrats running for reelection in competitive elections. Perhaps, Democrats in Arkansas, North Carolina, Alaska and others, are in touch with their constituents.  They may also be reading this from Merrill Matthews. He describes several problems with Obamacare. 1) "Impeded access to doctors = rationing health care.  The U.S. already has a shortage of doctors.  Recent studies indicate that within seven years that shortage could rise to 45,000 primary care physicians.  Fewer doctors means it will be harder to see one in a timely manner.  The Affordable Care Act will make that problem much worse by greatly increasing the demand for doctors. Higher costs means fewer votes Obama once claimed ObamaCare would drive down health insurance premiums; officials now claim that...(Read Full Post)