Comparing apples and iPhones

"I don't see anyone telling Apple that they should stop selling iphones."  Obama

Well, Mr. President, a few questions...

No one makes people buy iphones.

Apple makes money and runs efficiently.

Now compare and contrast.

Apple's web site has been getting about 30 million hits a day, your web site folded under a weight of about 2 million.

99% of Apples new software worked flawlessly.  Obamacare and the website not at all.

Perhaps if you had some people from the "real world" in your administration you would understand the idiocy of the comparison.  Better still, an unrehearsed question from a pseudo journalist.

Secondly, the imagery of shutting down the National Mall, and in particular the WWII memorial is cheap and duplicitous. The WWII Monument is a walk through an area of monuments within the National outdoor mall.  What cost is there in allowing people to walk the mall?  You, the son of a WWII veteran, should have understood this. It seems having the "closed" signs (due to Republicans) to push your imagery was more important to you. 

And finally, due to your imaginary Executive powers, you have rewritten and selectively nullified your own signature legislation.  You have unilaterally delayed the implementation of certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act though the law was passed in its totality.  The Supreme Court has rewritten the "Law of the Land", as Justice Scalia notes in his dissent, by swapping the meaning of "penalty" and "tax". And finally you have selectively nullified your law by waiving its effects on your friends, donors, and cronies.

James Madison must be spinning in his sepulcher.  Lest we forget, the promise of our government is this.

Federalist 57 (Madison)

"The House of Representatives ...can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves and friends...."

B. Phillip Johnson