Egypt: Copts Killed for Ransom

Not only are the churches, monasteries, and institutions of Egypt's Christians under attack by the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters -- nearly 100 now have been torched, destroyed, ransacked, etc. -- but Christians themselves are under attack all throughout Egypt, with practically zero coverage in Western media. Days ago, for example, Copts held a funeral for Wahid Jacob, a young Christian deacon who used to serve in St. John the Baptist Church, part of the Qusiya diocese in Asyut, Egypt. He was kidnapped on August 21 by "unknown persons" who demanded an exorbitant ransom from his impoverished family -- 1,200,000 Egyptian pounds (equivalent to $171,000 USD). Because his family could not raise the sum, he was executed -- his body dumped in a field where it was later found. The priest who conducted his funeral service said that the youth's body bore signs of severe torture. In fact, kidnapping young Christians and holding them for ransom has become increasingly common in Egypt....(Read Full Post)