Stop ObamaCare: Don't Fund It!

Over the past few weeks, I have been enjoying my own inspirational film festival.  I watched Rudy for the gazillionth time, Cinderella Man, Rocky, Secretariat, Seabiscuit, The Pursuit of Happyness, Hoosiers, and my all-time favorite, The Natural.  All of these movies have one thing in common: a lead character with the courage to press forward in pursuit of his dream, regardless of the opinions of naysayers.

A mindset that has taken root, promoted by the Obama administration, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the mainstream media, is that pursuing one's personal interests/dreams is selfish.  Remember how presidential candidate Mitt Romney's success was actually used against him -- how he was branded as an out-of-touch rich white guy?

One of the glaring truths of the inspirational movies I mentioned is that many lives were positively touched as a result of the lead characters pursuing their best interests and dreams.

At the end of the movie The Natural, a tear still appears in my eye for the old baseball coach whose impossible dream was to win one championship before he retired.  When Roy Hobbs hit the championship game-winning home run, the look on Pop's face gets me every time.  Pop's dream became a reality because an over-the-hill "too old" baseball player, Roy Hobbs, decided to ignore the opinion of naysayers and give his dream of becoming a Major League Baseball player one more try.

In pursuit of wealth, Mitt Romney financially blessed and created jobs for many.  And yet, Romney was successfully demonized in the minds of millions of voters.  Dear Lord, what has gone wrong in our country?

In our real-life inspirational movie to stop the biggest job-killer, ObamaCare, Sen. Ted Cruz and the Tea Party have accepted the lead roles as the character and principle-driven heroes fighting for the best interest of America.  Our tactic is to defund it.

The naysayers are the mainstream media, the Democrats, and the smartest people in the room in the GOP who deem it wise to wave the white flag of surrender to Obama.  Remarkably, Republicans are fighting Sen. Ted Cruz's efforts to end the nightmare of ObamaCare.  Scared Republicans say Democrats and the MSM will blame Republicans for shutting down the government, which will lead to bad press and being hated by the public.

Imagine that: Republicans getting bad press from the firmly at home in Obama's back pocket liberal bias socialist/progressive mainstream media.

But folks, we in the Tea Party have been cast as the underdogs before and won against all odds.  Let us not forget our 2010 Republican/conservative win of Congress and sweep of elections nationwide -- from city council to dog catcher.

We would have repeated our victory in 2012 had it not been for Obama-administration dirty tricks such as voter intimidation, stifling Tea Party groups via the IRS, massive voter fraud, and more.  Also, because our presidential candidate did not paint in bold colors, offering voters a clear choice, four million Republicans who voted for McCain stayed home this time around.

The GOP has embraced an impotent strategy of attempting to "delay" the implementation of ObamaCare.  Their plan is to take numerous symbolic votes to delay ObamaCare, none of which Harry Reid will allow to pass into law.  The only thing achieved will be political cover for Republicans to say at least we tried.

There is an old saying: "If it is to be, it is up to me."  Patriots, it has become clear that if ObamaCare is going to be stopped, it is up to us.

Obama's insidious game plan is simple.  He hopes to get as many Americans as possible addicted to his subsidies, which kick in on January 1.  No major entitlement in modern times has ever been rolled back once implemented.

Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee, and others plan to stop ObamaCare is to use the continuing resolution September 30 and say, "We will not fund one penny of ObamaCare."  If Sen. Cruz and company can get 41 Republicans in the Senate on board or 218 Republicans in the House, they will have the votes to do it.  But right now, too many Republicans are weak-kneed.

To win this fight, Sen. Cruz is calling for a "grassroots tsunami" of support from you guys.  Help the Republicans to grow a backbone by signing the petition at  Thus far, over 1,002,300 have signed.

Sen Cruz"Pick up the phone. Call your representative, call your Senator. Put Facebook comments on their Facebook pages, and get 10 of your friends to do the same. You know, I feel confident -- given your leadership, given the passion of the American people -- that we can break a million signatures on this list. If we get a million and then two million and then three million Americans standing up, holding our elected officials accountable, that's how we change the rules. That's how we get 41 Republicans in the Senate, and that's eventually how we get Democrats and actually stop this train wreck that is Obama." 

One courageous person of vision can change not just his own world, but the world for others.  Rudy's dad vehemently opposed his son attempting to go to college.  The family history was good laborers, but not college material.  Rudy ignored his dad.  After many disappointments, discouragements, and much struggle, Rudy became the first in the history of his family to graduate college.  Now get this: after Rudy, five other family members graduated college.  One person changed the paradigm.

Let's rally around Sen. Cruz, patriots, and, against all odds, stop ObamaCare.  We've won before in 2010.  We can do it again.

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