Why WaPo Mideast Coverage is Untrustwor​thy

Forget about anti-Israel spins and distortions in Washington Post coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In an Aug. 13 article, diplomatic correspondent Anne Gearan serves up a couple of outright lies. ("A few reasons for optimism about latest attempt at peace) To wit: Lie No. 1 -- Writing about resumption of peace negotiations, Gearan asserts that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "is a longtime hawk with no history of peacemaking." No history of peacemaking on Netanyahu's watch? What about the 1997 Hebron Protocols and the 1998 Wye River Agreement when Netanyahu also served as prime minister and negotiated with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat? Under these land-for-peace accords during the Clinton administration, Netanyahu ceded the bulk of Hebron, Judaism's second holiest city, to the Palestinians. He also agreed to withdraw from other parts of the West Bank so as to expand the rule of the Palestinian Authority. No history of peacemaking? These agreements required...(Read Full Post)