A revealing report card on global living standards

There are not too many reliable reports and pronouncements coming out of the United Nations, which has become subservient to the whims of some of the worst-run regimes on the globe.  The UN Human Rights Council, for example, has become a joke, solidly in the grip of some of the worst human rights abusers.  The UN General Assembly regularly embarrasses itself with multiple anti-Israel resolutions, while turning a blind eye to real violators of civilized norms. All the more reason to plumb a rare UN document that tells it like it is, even as it puts some of these brutish autocrats under an unsparingly critical lens. I am referring to the annual Human Development Index (HDI) issued by the UN Development Programme.  Put aside the label, it's simply a global report card on living standards in UN member states and some polities that aspire to membership.  The HDI, developed by non-partisan UN technocrats, ranks all of them according to three-main criteria -...(Read Full Post)