Top Egyptian pols caught on camera being their America-hating selves

It would be funny if it were not so grim. Thanks to the Obama-supported Arab Spring, Egypt has gone from ally to enemy.  We know this because the country's political leadership was caught on camera speaking in the belief that they were in private, and they let it all hang out.   The New York Times (hat tip: The Blaze) explains: Egypt's president, Mohamed Morsi, had some important information to share with a room full of politicians who, believing they were in a secret meeting, had just laid out all the covert ways that their country could stop a Nile River dam project in nearby Ethiopia: they were on live television. Mr. Morsi convened a meeting of political leaders from both Islamist and secular parties on Monday to discuss the potential impact of a proposed Ethiopian dam on Egypt.... many of those seated around the table said the dam was in fact a secret American and Israeli plot to undermine Egypt that must be stopped at all costs. To be sure, the dam is an issue...(Read Full Post)