Peace in our Time

Even before Hassan Rouhani has been installed as Iran's new president, the Washington Post already is gushing that this "moderate" cleric promises to end Tehran's outlaw regime and put his country on a path of peace and reconciliation with the West. If you believe the Post's June 16 front-page report from Tehran, Rouhani can be reliably counted on to end decades of tension, repression, and genocidal threats. Here's how Post correspondents Jason Rezaian and Joby Warrick put it in their lead paragraph: "Iranians took a giant stride toward ending their country's isolation by voting overwhelmingly in weekend presidential elections for a moderate reformer who promised a clear break from policies that put Iran on a collision course with the West."  To buttress their good-news reporting, Rezaian and Warrick assure Post readers that Rouhani's victory is a "repudiation of not only the Ahmadinejad years but also the hold that conservatives have maintained over Iranian politics since...(Read Full Post)