Sarah Palin sees the Middle East from her home

Sarah Palin, attractive and sharp as ever, can not only see into the future she can see Syria, indeed the entire Middle East, from her house. Or a conference in the USA.  The woman who was laughed at for predicting death panels would accompany the Obamacare Unaffordable Health Care Act (they're not laughing now)

"And our government passing something called, Obamacare - The Affordable Care Act. I'll repeat that, the Affordable Care Act. And, it's chief result, making our healthcare premiums enormously unsustainably more expensive with death panels to boot."

She also offered her astute foreign policy advice at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference. 

"Military, where is our commander in chief? We're talking now more new interventions?"

Adding her two-cents, Palin said that "until we know what we're doing, until we have a commander in chief who knows what he's doing, well, let these radical Islamic countries who aren't even respecting basic human rights, where both sides are slaughtering each other as they scream over an arbitrary red line, 'Allah Akbar,' I say until we have someone who knows what they're doing, I say let Allah sort it out."

Yep.  After all, Benghazi and indeed the whole Libya intervention worked out so poorly--no hope but big negative change there--let Allah's believers sort out their own problems without American blood.  Or money.  Or weapons.

And so, I actually kinda, sorta agree with Chelsea Clinton, daughter of you know who, who expressed this sexist thought" "Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton says it's time for a woman in the Oval Office

Except, of course, I think a woman who earned the right through her own hard work, not riding her husband's uhm, coattails, should be in there.