NY Times slams democracy in Israel

The New York Times, in its May 3 edition, runs a four-column headline, "Israeli Premier Backs Referendum on any Peace Deal," by Isabel Kershner, page A9. At first blush, one would think that this bodes well for Israel and for the peace process.  After all, if Israel and the Palestinians ever signed off on a deal, however illusory at this point, which resolves all final-status issues -- borders, refugees, Jerusalem -- this would be an existential matter for both sides.  So a referendum definitely would fit the occasion for Israeli citizens to weigh in, have their say, and ratify -- or reject -- such an agreement. The prospect of a referendum also might have an immediate effect of facilitating resumption of peace talks, since negotiators might have more grassroots leeway and public support, simply because their citizenry might be more comfortable, knowing the final card is there for them to play. So a big plus for democracy and resumption of talks, one would think. But...(Read Full Post)