NY Times trumps Palestinians in libeling Israel

Of all the journalistic horrors perpetrated by the New York Times against Israel, this one takes the cake and gets the gold star.  Let me set the scene: Amid widespread tensions and clashes in the West Bank, an IDF post near a settlement was attacked by Palestinians, who lobbed Molotov cocktails and hurled stones at Israeli troops.  Both such weapons can have lethal effects.  Responding to the attack, Israeli soldiers returned fire and killed two assailants. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights said Israeli forces killed two Palestinian "civilians" in the West Bank.  The boys, it reported, had thrown "stones and empty bottles at Israeli soldiers."  Empty bottles?  Unlikely.  Bottles in these cases are usually turned into Molotov cocktails.  But at least a Palestinian source made clear that there had been an attack on the IDF post. Now, let's see how the New York Times reported this incident, which fueled Palestinian rage amid talk of a...(Read Full Post)