The New Climate Deniers?

Rich Lowry in the New York Post accuses the liberals of being the new climate deniers, considering that they don't recognize that there's been no global warming for the last fifteen years.  This shouldn't surprise Lowry.  When the liberals hang onto the neck of a cause, they don't let go.  They  have ignored murders, rapes, wars, nuclear proliferation, and everything wrong with the world to focus in on their little area -- the horror of carbon emissions.

You'd think liberals would have learned from their earlier panic about overpopulation.  The Population Bomb by Paul R. Ehrlich frightened everyone in the '70s with the threat of mass starvation.  People stockpiled canned foods and packaged goods out of fear that overpopulation would leave us starving.

Or panicky liberals might have learned something about panic when AIDs hit the newspapers in the early '80s.  Every magazine told us we shouldn't shake gay men's hands or even drink from the same water fountain.  This later morphed into love of everything gay and Obama supporting gay marriage.  Fickleness, thy name is liberal. 

It is one thing for college sophomores to run around vowing to stop fracking and promoting cap and trade to reduce no-longer-so-relevant carbon emissions.  But it's another thing when our president rolls his liberal mind behind the boulder of global warming and invests billions of dollars of ours in apocryphal projects like green energy.  He is a modern Don Quixote, charging up our money on solar panels, electric cars, and wind turbines.

When a bunch of upper middle-class drifters Occupied Wall Street, Obama stood up for the slackers at the expense of the Wall Street engine that drives our economy.  The man doesn't even realize that he is president and that his job is to stand up for Wall Street, not promote feces in Zuccotti Park.

I was surprised to see Obama and Chris Christie hugging after Hurricane Sandy.  I fully expected Obama to be wading on the beaches of Staten Island, shoveling water with a shovel.  He could have used Christie as a dike.  Stupidity, thy name is presidential liberalism.

And stupidity leads to panic.  It's what liberals do.

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