Times Kvetches over Israel Election

The New York Times had a problem reporting Israel's election campaign -- a liberal, secular paper having to cover a Jewish state with a more conservative and religious bent. It's been, to say the least, very frustrating for Jodi Rudoren, the Times' Jerusalem bureau chief, who turns her pre-election analysis into one big, long kvetch. ("Israeli Campaign Turned Its Back on Most Pressing Issues" Jan. 20) Such chutzpah for Israel to depart from The Times/Rudoren agenda. Rudoren's biggest worry is a rising "national-religious sector" with a new batch of politicians wearing -- horror of horrors -- "signature knitted skullcaps." She acknowledges that Prime Minister Netanyahu is headed for reelection on Tuesday, but doesn't like the prospect. Not one bit. Bibi will win, she writes, "despite a gaping deficit, despite a stalemated peace process, despite a political partner (Avigdor Lieberman) indicted on fraud changes, and even though Netanyahu waged a war with Gaza with mixed...(Read Full Post)