Lessons from the NRA Ad

The NRA ad is neither tasteless nor over the top. The orchestrated and nearly-unanimous response by the legacy media is just the latest example of a perfectly reasonable conservative message being twisted by paid liars. Make no mistake: these people are our enemies. We cannot simply say things carelessly anymore. They will use every opportunity to take our remarks or ads out of context and even lie about what is being said.

So what can we do? The first item is easy enough. We should set up a message-vetting group for the Republican Party and any conservative organizations or commentators who are willing to join. Any message or spin should be checked by this group in order to see if it can be spun against us in any way. The actual message of the NRA ad was that limousine liberal hypocrites send their own children to schools protected by armed guards. That goes for politicians, media figures, and celebrities as well as assorted other left wing nuts. Not only that, but they avail themselves of armed protection. Try walking into the NBC or MSNBC studios without a "pass". Try entering an apartment building where they live.

The Second Amendment primarily protects people who can't afford to buy armed protection for themselves or their children. People like us. We work hard. We aren't poor. But maybe we can't spare $100K a year for bodyguards. Who wants to bet against my belief that such protection is almost always tax-deductible? High taxes for us! Tax deductions for them! It's the liberal way.

The NRA ad was trying to express all that. But by focusing on the president's children, it gave our enemies the perfect bait and switch opportunity. Do you think the public would object to mentioning Piers Morgan's kids, or David Gregory's, or Debbie Wasserman Schultz's? How about Bill Gates? Does Barbra Streisand ever venture outside without bodyguards (yes, plural)? There's no need for more examples.

Conservatives need to wise up. Professional liberals don't write their own propaganda. They hire experts. We must do so too. When conservative politicians shoot their mouths off, they are construed as speaking for all of us. If I say something stupid, as I do all too often, nobody cares. But conservative pols aren't even particularly articulate with friendly "journalists". They positively suck at being interviewed by liberal journalists. The stakes are too damn high to keep putting your heads into the mouths of lions. Shut them down. Don't talk to them. Communicate in writing until you have been properly trained by some kind of conservative media boot camp.
Among honorable people, obvious misstatements or hyperbole can be corrected or clarified. There is no honor in the liberal media. You live in the middle of a minefield. Get used to it or get blown up.

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