Lessons from the NRA Ad

The NRA ad is neither tasteless nor over the top. The orchestrated and nearly-unanimous response by the legacy media is just the latest example of a perfectly reasonable conservative message being twisted by paid liars. Make no mistake: these people are our enemies. We cannot simply say things carelessly anymore. They will use every opportunity to take our remarks or ads out of context and even lie about what is being said. So what can we do? The first item is easy enough. We should set up a message-vetting group for the Republican Party and any conservative organizations or commentators who are willing to join. Any message or spin should be checked by this group in order to see if it can be spun against us in any way. The actual message of the NRA ad was that limousine liberal hypocrites send their own children to schools protected by armed guards. That goes for politicians, media figures, and celebrities as well as assorted other left wing nuts. Not only that, but they avail...(Read Full Post)