Conservatives Harpooned by Orca

Obama's campaign effectively used tech to identify voters but the approach was good old fashioned door knocking and calls by Democrat neighbors with scripts based on hot button local issues or local pride.   Here in Madison County North Carolina the message was "Don't let the Republicans win the county by 120 votes again." They lost for the top of the ticket but once again prevailed in the county races.   We know millions of Republicans stayed home. Think how much different the swings states might have turned on Tuesday out if those tens of thousands of volunteers involved in Orca has been out there in person.  Instead of Orca, next time use the Tea Party.  Appoint captains who have an inkling of the political views of neighbors to identify who should register and vote.  Get some six-passenger vehicles and have volunteers spend Election Day going up to the doors of the millions of identified Republicans/Republican-leaners who hadn't yet voted with an offer to...(Read Full Post)