Israel: 'We can expect the US to abandon us'

Post-election, a self-deluded American electorate will get its comeuppance. Unfortunately, that includes the innocent, and among them are our allies who have been abandoned (like Egypt) and those who will be abandoned very quickly (like Israel).

There is one prophetic voice in Israel who understood this right away. Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post described Obama's "pro-jihadist foreign policy" accurately and fearlessly. 

Read it and weep:

The American spirit has been overwhelmed by the European model of social democracy at home and appeasement and treachery abroad. But all the dependency champions who celebrated on Tuesday night cannot stop the coming storm.

The greatest advantage Obama had was ... that the full consequences of his statist economic policies and his pro-jihadist foreign policy have not yet been felt. 

College students who got out the vote for Obama will only find themselves doomed to low-paying jobs and a life of indebtedness  ...

The attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi exposed the failure of his strategy of appeasing jihadists but ... the Benghazi debacle was small enough for the media to hide from the electorate.

It will be harder for Obama to contain the damage ... when Iran gets nuclear weapons ...  when American tourists in Egypt are massacred or held hostage  ... It will be harder for Obama to hide ...when the Taliban return to power in Afghanistan and Al Qaida rebuilds its training camps ... when Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is controlled by a Taliban government that seeks a nuclear war with India. It will be harder ... to protect America with a gutted, demoralized military...

Conservatives need ... to write the books, produce the movies, found the television stations, and prepare the school curricula that will enable a future resurrection of the American dream.

Israel .... is the first target of the Obama-supported, ascendant forces of jihad.

 .... We can expect Obama to turn on Israel immediately after the election.      

Obama can be expected to dispatch his political advisors to ....defeat ... Netanyahu and pave the way for the return to power of the socialist, appeasement-crazed Israeli Left.

 We can expect the US to abandon us.

Conservatives must mourn America's loss, but not too long, and then we must prepare for a great conservative revival, not just in America but in the whole modernizing world. The left is a world-conquering movement for power freaks like Obama. We must become an international movement for liberty. There potential democratic conservatives all over the world today. 

We have a job to do.