The Obama administration has been actively trying to control the conversation on Benghazi via deception and distraction.  Their brain-dead media minions are taking it hook, line, and sinker. Remember reports that Axelrod was always in the room while Obama was being briefed on drone strike targets?  Is anybody to believe that his campaign wasn't in the room on September 11? Overlooked thanks to Obama's redirection of the conversation is that there is the likelihood of an illegal arms transfer to extremist rebels in Syria.  If this were to be uncovered, it would change the comparison from Watergate to the Iran Contra affair. Therefore, my new name for all of this is Benghazicontragate. Just in The Washington Post press room: "Mr. Woodward, Mr. Bernstein.  There's somebody on the line named Deep Throat saying he knows exactly what was going on in Benghazi and why Obama left the ambassador to die." Woodward, "Ask him if he has any pictures of Petraeus and Broadwell...(Read Full Post)