Middle East omelette making

Having found themselves faced with a basket of broken eggs, Bibi Netanyahu, Barack Obama, and Mohammed Morsi decided, to paraphrase Anthony Eden, to make the best omelet each could from their individual shares.

That seems to be the conclusion reached by Barry Rubin, one of the region's best analysts, in this piece at PJ Media.

Bibi got a degraded Hamas and:

...the phrase "all Palestinian factions"...[.] That means the Hamas regime is responsible for any attacks by Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda affiliates, and other small Salafist groups[.]...Hamas cannot hide behind allowing or encouraging such groups to attack.

He also got a Morsi buy-in as guarantor of the agreement and some unspecified promises from Team Obama.

And he got these without having had to shed Israeli blood in an invasion unsupported by anyone, including most Israelis.

Team Obama got credit for achieving "peace" without, really, having had to do anything substantive other than rearranging Hillary's travel schedule (Rush says Hillary got a "Get Out of Benghazi Free" card, but we'll see about that).

Morsi got bucks and prestige, but precious little else: In fact, he also got the headache of trying to hold the reins of Hamas.

Hamas got the basket, for, it seems, they now have fewer arms, fewer leaders, and fewer friends that they had when this all began.

Rubin is not sanguine, but he seems to believe that the best, for now, has been made of a bad situation.

Read it all---it's a very informative interpretation of what has come out of the turmoil of the past few weeks.