Cory Booker to Live on Food Stamps?

Cory Booker, "America's favorite mayor and occasional superhero," according to Yahoo News, got into a spat with a follower on Twitter.  

Booker claimed that Americans "have a shared responsibility that kids go to school nutritionally ready."  A Twitter user known as TwitWit disagreed, claiming that taxpayers shouldn't be shelling out billions for food programs.  

The mayor then issued a Food Stamps challenge to the Twitterer who doubted that there were people in this country "too poor" to give their kids a banana and a bowl of cereal in the morning. 

[Let's] you and I try to live on food stamps in New Jersey (high cost of living) and feed a family for a week or month," the mayor wrote. "U game?"

The user...replied, "Sure, Mayor, I'm game."

"Great. Let's do this," Booker wrote. "I hope you live in New Jersey. Let's film it and see how we do."

Booker added that they would have to get a referee.

Booker and a challenger on food stamps?  What fun for the holidays.  But isn't the amount of assistance one receives based on unemployment, personal income, spouse's income, and assets?

Will Booker's salary as a mayor prohibit him from receiving food stamps?  If New Jersey actually issues him an EBT card and Booker stocks up for the month at WalMart, is he committing fraud? 

That's how obscene making light of going on Food Stamps is.  Not only is it against the law for Booker to try a stunt like this, but the "let's do this" bravado makes it sound like a pickup game on the basketball court.

I've got an idea, Cory: why don't you pretend to be middle-class for a year under your job-killing president?  This is the class that doesn't qualify for welfare but funds the generational moochers who have made Food Stamps a lifestyle choice.

Why don't you and your wife give up all those meals at public functions, clean out your 401(k)s to help your unemployed kids pay their bills, watch your health care premiums go up because the kids are on your policy until the age of 26 thanks to ObamaCare, and figure out how to keep from worrying about getting a pink slip on Friday afternoon?

What's this insult to all Americans -- those on Food Stamps and those paying for them -- all about?  Identity politics?  Is Booker pretending he's one of the 47 million Food Stamp recipients to gin up support in case he runs for governor?

In the same callous vein, here's Booker on Hurricane Sandy: 

On his monthly radio show, the Democratic mayor said the response to the storm delayed his 2013 gubernatorial plans. "The reality is Sandy has pushed my timeline back," Booker said.

The mayor said he would not make a decision on a potential run against Christie until mid-December.

I don't know who decided that the arrogant Booker is "America's favorite mayor," but from the "U Game?" challenge to the moronic statement on Hurricane Sandy, the mayor's jocular attitude toward the jobless, those dependent on Food Stamps for good reasons, the generational loafers addicted to government handouts, and the victims of Sandy is enough to make this American sick to her stomach.

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