The Economy, but Not Just the Economy for Romney

For much of the current election cycle, Governor Mitt Romney's campaign has often seemed to take the economy as its organizing premise, platform, and number-one campaign ad: the poor economy would, so the thinking went, spell doom for President Barack Obama's re-election hopes.  Though not in 2008's free fall, the economy has continued to stagger along, with poor employment numbers, mediocre at best growth, and stagnating incomes.  Despite this disappointing economic performance, however, Romney has not yet broken into a clear polling lead over the president.  Some of the president's post-convention bounce seems to have dissipated, but he still holds a marginal edge in many polls. This polling edge has caused some concern in various sectors of the right, and some within the Romney campaign seem to be turning to look beyond the economy.  Zeke Miller at BuzzFeed suggests that the Romney campaign has decided, in the words of one adviser, that this election cannot...(Read Full Post)