United Airlines is fast becoming Houston's most hated airline.

United Airlines is fast becoming Houston's most hated airline.

United's CEO Jeff Smisek couldn't wait to do a deal, finally sold the company and got his bigger corner office.

On the heels of announcing the closure of the Houston headquarters, United promptly began to whine about cross-town rival Southwest's desire to fully foot the expansion of Hobby airport to accommodate international travel, thus directly competing with United for those lucrative routes. Houston City Council swatted United like the gnat it had made itself.

Being a frequent business flyer, I got to watch all this while also watching on time arrivals, service quality and baggage handling plummet.  I have already looked into transferability of miles and promotional offers from other airlines.

Now comes the news that Jeff Smisek is co-hosting a Planned Parenthood gala in Houston.   Not much more needs to be said but suffice it to say, in addition to funding baby killing, he is not very bright.  

The already booked United flights I have will be the last United flights I take during the Smisek era.

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