Making Too Much Money?

In an interview in Investor's Business Daily on August 13, 2012, Mitch McConnell said: "We have an administration that believes if you are making a profit you are up to no good. You must be cheating your customers or mistreating your employees or both. "I just met a guy who was running a medium-size business. He said, 'We never had much to do with regulators, but we had one show up recently.' He said they came out just fine, which caused the business owner to ask, 'Why are you here?' And (the regulator) said, 'Mister, you are making too much money.'" Making too much money?  I'll bet there's no such thing as too much money when the administration asks for campaign contributions, or for the worker who wants a raise, or for the church that asks for donations.  Funny how that works. The notion that a business is making too much money is disgusting, but it is not at all surprising.  Americans have long bought into the notion that money is evil, so is it any wonder that our...(Read Full Post)