Obama Ain't No Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the most influential essays on American life is Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Self-Reliance."  It was published in 1842, and it became the bedrock of American philosophy.  Emerson celebrated  the unique genius and the inconsistencies of the individual.  He celebrated personal life rather than communal rigidity.  He called "a foolish consistency ... the hobgoblin of small minds."

"Self-Reliance" was a precursor to undercutting Marxism and governmental weight.  We should go back and read it more often.

Meanwhile, not long ago in Roanoke, Virginia, a naïve President Obama sophomorically and socialistically attacked Emersonian individualism in a now-famous speech.

So, America has become the greatest country in the world to be trodden down by Obama's outdated and failed governmental ideas.  Obama hands out welfare like carnations to the ugliest girls at the prom.  He loves failed individuals because he knows that he himself has borrowed other people's success.  He favors illegal immigrants because he himself applied for foreign aid in college. He wants to be loved by the downtrodden.  He knows that the successful will see through him.  Also, they don't have as many votes as the poor.

And while he tries to identify with the poor, he is rich.  He is a snob.  He dresses like a model out of GQ.  He is one of the one-percenters whom he hates.  He insults himself and his ilk because he wants to get the abundant votes of the poor. 

Do any of the Wall Streeters whom Obama looks down on live in a mansion like the White House?  Do any of them ride around on Air Force One?

Emerson found genius in the individual.  Obama invents it in the failed group collective.  And the liberals who imitate each other don't understand the beauty of inconsistency or Emerson's sailboat's "zigzag of a hundred tacks" at sea.  After all, ideologues like Obama don't understand diverse ideas.  They are trapped in the cognitive sets of their rigid-minded liberalism.

Obama throws America into the ocean and bobs up and down on the failed rubber raft of socialism.  Does he ever remember that extreme socialism -- communism -- has failed in murderous abundance in every country from Russia to China to Vietnam?

Emerson foresaw Obama's naïve failure before Obama was born to fail.  The liberals who mistakenly chase their rock star Obama should get some self-reliance.  Groupies should not dance to the band of trite ideas in the Sheep Meadow in Central Park or on the lawn at the White House.  They should find themselves, not rely on clichéd narcissists who are empty thimbles without thumbs.

If you met me, you would never know me.  I am diverse.  I am a pro boxer, a poet, a memoirist, a rapper, a jazz album lyricist, a CEO of an insurance company, an actor, a model, a Ph.D., a blogger, a ranked tennis player, a ranked ski racer, etc.  I am a former liberal and a current conservative.  I am the inconsistency of a diverse mind.  I am not the consistency of a small mind; I am not the manikin Obama standing in the window of Versace.  What do they call those monolithic figures?  Dummies.

Obama is his own teleprompter.  He is the words of his liberal predecessors.