Our Transformational President

Hailed as a transformational unifier and healer of America's fractured sense of self, the only thing that Obama has transformed is himself. He was seen by MSM as an almost transcendent being focused on bringing America together into a new world in which old animosities dissolved into a sense of a shared vision of hope, prosperity and purpose. He was seen as a high-minded, highly intelligent leader with a focused sense of purpose quite beyond indulging in the petty vindictiveness of politics as usual.

Now what has he become? A race hustler. A fear monger. A class divider. A character assassin. In short, a rabble-rouser appealing to the basest instincts of distrust and suspicion and fanning the flames of resentment, anger and retribution. It is all spelled out in Victor Hanson's article, 'White' on the Brain.