Harry Reid, attack dog

The bespectacled Majority Leader has said some truly vicious things about Mitt Romney, including the unsubstantiated charged that he has not paid any taxes. But is this really out of character for him? One would think that congressional leaders should be above this kind of grubby, gutter-like politics -- it certainly used to be the case. Even Nancy Pelosi, as partisan a leader as they come, has largely refrained from the kinds of spurious charges that Reid has leveled at Romney. But as you can imagine, the Democratic bomb throwers are loving it. The Hill: I do think that Harry is a fearless leader," said former Rep. Vic Fazio (D-Calif.). "I think Nancy is totally focused now on raising the money and working her base to make her party competitive in the face of super-PACs. Unfortunately people think of her as a polarizing figure and she's probably not doing anything to aid or abet this [perception]." It's a reprise of Reid's tactics in the 2008 election, when he called Sen. ...(Read Full Post)